Law Offices of Miriam E. Rodriguez

Reasons why you select an attorney

  • An Attorney should be a professional that you can trust and that is well respected among his peers and the community.
  • An Attorney should utilize his/her training and all available legal means to protect a client’s legitimate rights while keeping the most expeditious time frame possible and being mindful of the costs associated with the client’s expectations.
  • An Attorney should include in his/her counseling other options to litigation such as settlements, mediation and arbitration.
  • An Attorney should provide legal representation involving meritorious claims with respect, candor, civility, and punctuality.

The Law Office of Miriam E. Rodriguez, PC is committed to providing honest, dedicated and reasonably priced legal services. Our clients receive legal advice from professionals that care about the issues that affect our clients’ lives. Our attorneys will strive to obtain the best possible result available to bring closure to the problems that brought our clients to our offices. Assisting our clients to return to the important things in their lives is our mission.

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